The Law of Attraction - What Exactly Is It?

We have spoken about this many times now, but I am still getting asked by friends, okay we have heard about the Law of Attraction, but what exactly is the Law of Attraction.

So we will explain again:

The Law of Attraction is the single most powerful law in the universe. So what does that mean? Basically what that means is, what ever you think about, you attract to yourself. If you think of yourself as a magnetic force, attracting all the things, the people, the events to you, you are attracting everything that you have been thinking about.


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The Law of Attraction affects all people, whether you believe it or not, everything that has happened in your life has resulted from this one law of the universe. Everything in the universe is made up of energy, our thoughts are energy, so hence you have an energy field around you at all times.

The energy attracts the “what” in our life. You may attract success, a financial windfall, speeding tickets, health etc. Your thoughts and feelings are the direct result in attracting the “what” in your life. So again what exactly is the Law of Attraction, it is your thoughts and feelings that manifest into what your were indirectly thinking about.

The Law of Attraction does take time to understand, but once you have mastered the tools of how to apply the Law of Attraction and continue to practice and use them consistently you will then understand what exactly the Law of Attraction is. You must challenge every thought you have.

“What ever your mind can conceive it can also achieve” - W. Clement Stone 

Know What You Want: 

In order for you to use the Law of Attraction, you focus your thoughts and your feelings on all that you want. You cannot focus on something you are unsure off, so you must clarify and identify exactly what it is you do want first. Do not jump straight in and think about wanting great sums of money instantly as this will not happen. As you will then think to yourself oh, this is not going to happen, it is not achievable. You must be specific with your requests and goals, and in order for you to believe make them a little smaller, but believe it is achievable, otherwise it will not happen.

Negative Thoughts: 

You need to be aware of your negative thoughts, and start changing the way you think. Every time you have a negative thought replace it immediately with positive ones. You need to learn to change your thought patterns. Know exactly what it is that you want what you are passion about and start creating your goals that are specific and believable for you. Then and only then will the law of attraction start working with you.

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